>FEBBRAIO Martedì / Tuesday / Dienstag / Mardi

03-02-2009 Daniele Baldelli (Cosmic, Baia degli Angeli - Italy)
The Legend: Cosmic, Baia degli Angeli! That sound inspired many DJs around the whole planet. His deep passion and accuracy in the selection of the perfect sound let him become one of the most respecetd and esteemed Djs in the world.
LISTEN TO: Cosmic Sound Project Vol. 1 & 2 - Cosmic Sound

10-02-2009 Secondo (Soul Jazz Records - London)
Radovan Scasascia figures among the most noteworthy artists in the  english scene for contemporary electronic music. He is carrying out various significant projects, as AM/PM, and has participated in DE9 Transitions by Richie Hawtin.
LISTEN TO: AM/PM - So It Goes - Dreck Records

17-02-2009 Nick Curly (8Bit, Cécille Records - London/Berlin)
The founder and spokesman of the 2 labels which are currently the most trendy and appreciated ones: 8Bit and Cécille Records. He has contributed in giving House music new light and modernity, with an elegant and minimal Deep taste.
LISTEN TO: Nick Curly - Dubnoise EP - Cécille Records

24-02-2009 Prosumer (Berghain/Panoramabar, Ostgut - Berlin)
From Berghain/Panoramabar, the sound of Berlin’s best after-hour is back! Prosumer is an absolute purist of House Music, and a connoisseur and collector of Chicago, Deep, Acid and Disco music as well.
LISTEN TO: Prosumer - The Craze - Playhouse

>MARZO Martedì / Tuesday / Dienstag / Mardi

03-03-2009 Leo Mas (Big Brother Production - Italy)
Starting from 1987, at the Amnesia of Ibiza, he overturned and profoundly influenced the musical choices of DJs all over the world, giving rise to House Music: it has been the most crucial musical revolution in the last 20 years. He then played at Macrillo, Movida, Shelter (New York), Fluid etc.
LISTEN TO: Night Communication EP - Heartbeat

10-03-2009 Sevensol & Bender (Kann Records - Leipzig)
The Label Showcase of Kann Records: Sevensol and Bender from Leipzig. The founders of the coolest and most elegant alternative label of the moment, it is a honour to welcome these two guys.
LISTEN TO: Kann 00 - Kann Records

17-03-2009 Tama Sumo (Berghain/Panoramabar, Ostgut - Berlin)
From Berghain/Panoramabar the queen of Berlin’s Club Culture and its neverending after-hours, which stretch out beyond Sunday night. Her performances combine great sound and a unique charisma.
LISTEN TO: Play Up / Brothers, Sisters - Ostgut Tonträger

24-03-2009 Move D (Source, Heidelberg & Smallville - Hamburg)
David Moufang is the most hip artist in the german and european music scene: he has been playing in the best clubs and festivals of the world, and now Bar Sartea is proud to let you listen to him! He has recorded with Warp, Smallville, Workshop and Modern Love among others.
LISTEN TO: Homeworks 1 & 2 - Source Records

31-03-2009 Daniel Wang (Balihu, Environ, Ghostly - Berlin/NY)
His label named Balihu is undisputably one of the most prestigious labels as regards Modern Boogie and Electronic Disco: outstanding and peerles as it is, it is being collected by lovers of this genre from Japan to California, passing through Europe. He is the icon, the living genius of Disco Music: an eagerly awaited come back to Sartea!
LISTEN TO: Daniel Wang - Idealism - Environ

Opening Party: Dax DJ
Dj and producer from Vicenza, he is a devoted collector of vinyls and a music journalist. His style can be described as “Space funk 3000”, a mixture of sounds ranging from electonic to house, from boogie to funk, through deep, detroit and minimal. He created and still direct the on-line magazine, most appreciated by all underground music lovers. He played with many world famous djs and took part to several highly prestigious parties and festivals.

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>THANKS TO: Cosmic, Baia degli Angeli, Berghain/Panoramabar, Ostgut, Soul Jazz Records, Dreck Records, 8Bit, Cécille Records, Big Brother Production, Balihu, Environ, Ghostly, Kann Records, Source, Heidelberg & Smallville

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